New Kuta Green Park

December 27th, 2010

Bali added one water park as the opening of “New Kuta Green Park” in Pecatu, South Kuta district, Badung Regency on Sunday.

Tourism location on beach and hill area managed by Bali Pecatu Graha company (BPG) was open by Badung Regent, AA Gde Agung and attended by some public figures.

Made Putrawan said that the tourism object is managed using green concept and dedicated for Balinese and local people from varied areas with approachable price.

“For local tourists, the ticket only IDR 35.000 meanwhile for foreign tourists is less than IDR100.000. We manage this object not merely looking for benefit, but also giving cheap object alternative for people here,” he said.

He said that the present of water park will be completed by varied of children games not to take competition with the existed objects but as a complement.

“This is to completed object in South Kuta so there will be new Kuta that is more well organize with close parking area,” he said.

He confessed that his party is really care for Pecatu area that is well-known for its dry and hill area was now undergoes greening effort.

“Now everything has already been feel of how Pecatu is not dry anymore. Hopefully this condition would becoming better in the next 10 years ahead,” he said.

In order to fulfill water need at the tourism object as well as at several business managed by BPG in Pecatu, they were use distilled sea water into a fresh water.

Sea water distillation of theirs is able to produce 3.000 square meter fresh water per day meanwhile their needs of fresh water in Pecatu merely around 1.000 square meter per day.

This sea-water distillation is very useful since it did not disturb underwater existence and the waste come from it was utilize for floating pool.

“The waste of that distillation will be utilize for a pool with high salt concentrate to make everything on it floating,” he said.

Badung Regent, AA Gde Agung said that the existence of tourism object had make dry Pecatu area becoming a green one.

“Pecatu had become interesting and fresh tourism destination so hopefully it could raise the local economic condition,” he said.

Water park that is build on 3 hectare of land, precisely at New Kuta Village, Pecatu Indah Resort, located high on hill.

The location become one with the golf court. Aside from greening using local tress, the object also using local bird name for every game such as rajawali, rangkong, jalak bali, belibis and more in accordance with their character.

Gradually there will be bird breeding at the local area of this water park.

News by Antara Bali

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