Villas Operational Using Hotel License

March 9th, 2012

Based on data from Bali Villas Association, up until today the operational license for villas in Bali still use that of hotel operational. In fact, it is uncommon for them to use cottage or condominium & hotel license. This condition happened due to the government has yet issuing bill regulating tourism accommodation called villa.

Head of Bali Villas Association, Mangku Wayan Sutedja confessed that there is no villa management standard issued in Bali, which appears as one of the cause of many illegal villas built in the island. It is not a rare case to find a private house commercialized as a villa.

“Many accommodations were mentioned and categorized it as villas whilst in reality that accommodation actually a common house luckily with pool and some necessary facilities,” Wayan Sutedja explained.

Sutedja confessed there are thousands of villas in Bali and mostly owned by foreigners. According to data gathered by Bali Villas Association, there are only 73 villas in Bali with operational license and becoming the member of Bali Villas Association.

News by Berita Bali

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